Tackling our Hall Bathroom Remodel

My husband and I bought our first home at the very end of November 2015. We had been looking for a home for what felt (to me) like forever and had finally found a house that ticked almost every box on our checklist. This was the only house we had looked at where I didn’t want to completely rearrange the floorplan and/or rip out at least 1 wall (Seriously guys. The struggle is real when it comes to finding open-concept floor plans in our area). After renting apartments year after year, I was busting at the seams with excitement and anticipation at the thought of finally getting to add my own personal touch to a place to make it really feel like home. The interior of the house we bought isn’t exactly to my taste (whose first home is?) but with some love, a little elbow grease – and let’s be real – a pretty penny, I’m hoping to get this puppy shining bright like a diamond. (Rihanna anyone?)


So, it’s almost been a year since we moved in…and what have we done? Well… not as much as I had hoped. We have done some painting (when we moved in, the house was basically Joseph’s Coat of many Colors), I removed some faux wood paneling and skim-coated the walls of one of the bedrooms (that’s a story for another post!) and other than that, my husband and I have mostly just been putting out fires…. oh the joys of homeownership! But the time is now and we are taking on our first major renovation. We are revamping the hall bathroom upstairs! My plan is to refinish the tub and tile, remove the flooring and install new tile, skim coat the walls, and replace and update the vanity and fixtures.

So here is the before picture :

Side note/Funny story – This picture is actually from the real estate posting from before we had bought the house. I had taken some really good “before pictures” of this bathroom before going on vacation and stupidly not uploaded them to my computer before leaving. Well, we went to Six Flags and my phone fell to its death (from out of my BACK POCKET!!!) on the Superman Rollercoaster. So, can we all just take a moment of silence for my lost pictures and memories…


See what I’m saying about the coat of many colors?? This bathroom is straight up tangerine! Is it the worst bathroom in the world? no. But it has seen many moons and I think it is time for some change. So make sure to check back for some updates on the progress and a few how-to Do-it-yourself posts for this bathroom transformation!

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