Hall Bathroom Inspiration

As I previously explained, my husband and I are taking on our first real renovation. And by husband and I, I mean I’ll be doing all the work – lets be real. Its out with the old and in with the new for our hall bathroom. This wasn’t where we planned on starting our home updates; we were actually planning on starting in the downstairs powder bath (it’s smaller and would be less work….baby steps and all) but that’s not how it played out. It all started at Ikea.

On a very spontaneous weekend this past summer, the hubs agreed to a trip to Ikea. If you know my husband, this is a huge deal. I would liken it to seeing a unicorn – it just does not happen. I’m 99% sure there was some whining on my end and promises of his favorite homemade chocolate cookies and hours of uninterrupted Formula 1 watching to reach this agreement, but in my rose-colored memory I like to think he offered to go of his own free will.

During this trip to Ikea, they were having a sale on their vanities. One thing led to another and the next thing you know, we were walking out of Ikea with a cinnamon roll, and ice cream cone and a Godmorgon Vanity. I’m not sure how this happened, my husband must have blacked out because he is not an impulse buyer, but I’m glad it happened. But now I had this cool modern vanity for the upstairs bathroom and no empty place to put it. And this vanity didn’t go with the rest of the bathroom…and the walls were this weird texture…and the tile was that dated builders grade tile…and the tub and tile are this not ideal almond color… and BOOM! Snowball effect. Houston – we have a bathroom renovation.


So when the hubs finally consented to let me take on this renovation El DIY style, I immediately took to Pinterest to come up with ideas for the bathroom. I wanted this design to be affordable, DIY friendly and versatile. Versatility was my husband’s main requirement. Everyone knows how it goes. You peruse Pinterest for hours on end and see all of these super trendy bathrooms that are done up all-blush tile and loud patterns. While I love them, and have pinned my fair share, I know that those styles are not everyone’s cup of tea. So with the long run in mind, I was looking for timeless tiles and modern fixtures to bring this bathroom into the 21st century.

I already had quite a few um…dozen… bathrooms pinned. I browsed through my board to get some overall ideas of the kinds of bathrooms I was drawn to and here’s what I noticed:

I’m really drawn to black and white bathrooms. Who isn’t? Seriously, whats more timeless than black and white?
black-and-whiteKate Lester Interiors

I really loved the timeless yet modern look of hexagon tiles. And on a positive note, white hexagon mosaic tiles are some of the cheapest mosaic style tiles you can buy – So that’s a win in my book!
wood-vanityThe Vintage Rug Shop

I liked the addition of a wood element to add warmth to the space. I feel like it is really easy for a room to start to feel a little cold/sterile if you are just dealing with black and whites. Adding brass, or wood tones really helps to warm the space up and make it feel a little more cozy.
sarah-sherman-samuelSarah Sherman Samuel

And I love round mirrors! These are everywhere right now, and for good reason! This timeless curved shape to does a great job of breaking up all of the hard geometric lines in the rest of the bathroom.

white-hexagon-floorCoco Kelley

You guys, when I saw this bathroom I heard angels singing. This was the vanity we just bought at Ikea (except here it is painted black) and then the white hexagon tiles… and the round wood mirror?? This is literally what I was imagining! I’m not going to have the beautiful white subway tiles on the bathtub…yet. And when we do decide to go in and change the bathtub tile, I will probably do something a little different. But for now, this gives me a LOT of inspiration for the direction for our bathroom!

That’s where I’m at right now. Next stop is Demo! Make sure you check back to stay up-to-date on this adventure.


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